Friday 25 September 2009
WASHINGTON For the moment, the health care fight is all about older folks. Democrats agonized Thursday over how to soothe worried seniors but decided one idea was too risky because it could antagonize the powerful drug industry whose support is cri
A U.S. Senate panel considering a sweeping healthcare overhaul upheld a requirement on Thursday that individuals purchase health insurance and rejected a proposal that could have scuttled an $80 billion White House deal with drugmakers. On their thi
WASHINGTON - Sweeping health care legislation cleared its first hurdles in the Senate Finance Committee on Wednesday as Democrats turned back a series of proposed changes by Republicans who attacked it as a threat to Medicare. Yet even as they preva
MARSEILLE, France -- When Jean-Louis Aloy could no longer walk comfortably among his olive trees in the hills above Marseille, he knew the time had come.Bowing to doctor's orders, he checked in to a hospital for a long-delayed back operation. Despit
SYDNEY - A pall of red dust blown in from the Outback clogged the skies over Sydney on Wednesday, diverting international flights, disrupting ferries and prompting a spike in emergency calls from people suffering breathing difficulties. No one was r
WASHINGTON - Bidding for support from Democrats as well as a single Republican, the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee gaveled open a long-awaited debate over health care Tuesday with fresh plans to reduce costs on working-class families and i
WASHINGTON - After months of fruitless bipartisan negotiations, the Senate Finance committee got to work Tuesday on a sweeping health care overhaul that's seen as having the best chance of any plan to make history by delivering on President Barack O
The recession could lead to an explosion in sexual health problems and unplanned pregnancies, the head of the Family Planning Association has warned.Julie Bentley said cuts to clinics could mean fewer people getting the advice and treatment they nee
WASHINGTON It was a watershed moment in the health care struggle: Leaders of the insurance, hospital and other medical industries stood with President Barack Obama at the White House and promised steps to save $2 trillion over the next decade. What
America’s all-consuming debate over healthcare reform is threatening to snuff out efforts to conclude the Doha round of world trade negotiations, Europe’s top trade chief has warned.Baroness Ashton, the European Union’s trade commissioner, welcomed
Rep.Tom Price, R-Ga.meets with reporters on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, Sept.27, 2009, to discuss health care legislation./Harry Hamburg (AP President Barack Obama says requiring people to get health insurance and fining them if they don't
WASHINGTON - Keep going. You don't have to fix all of it now. Just please don't let it stall. That's the essence of the message that Senate Democratic leaders have for their Finance Committee senators, who plan to start voting Tuesday on a remake of
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Spouses who have a husband or wife dealing with cancer may see their own physical and psychological health deteriorate over time, a new study suggests. Swedish researchers found that among more than 11,000 spouses of canc



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