DAKAR – The United Nations said Tuesday that 377 people had died in flooding in central and west Africa, with nearly 1.5 million people affected since the start of the rainy season in June. 2010 has seen the largest number of people affected
SANTIAGO, Chile – A Chilean legislative commission is investigating reports that mining operators ignored danger warnings from a man who was later among 33 later trapped when a mine collapsed.Deputy Carlos Vilches, a commission member, said Tu

us spies failed to vet insider who bombed afghan base

WASHINGTON – Jordan tried to warn off the CIA about an informer who later attacked the spy agency's base in Afghanistan last year, killing seven Americans, a US intelligence official said Tuesday.Concerns about working with the informer had t

philippines counts cost as china prepares for typhoon

ILAGAN, Philippines A powerful typhoon cleared the Philippines' main island but then stalled as it churned toward China, and authorities said there was no need for Manila to import more rice this year to cover damaged crops.Typhoon Megi, which off

arquette joins fight to preserve calif climate law

SACRAMENTO, Calif. Actor David Arquette is lending his quirky star power to the campaign against a November ballot measure that would suspend California's greenhouse gas emissions law.Wearing an American flag-print karate uniform, Arquette appeared

california native found dead in southern mexico

OAXACA, Mexico – A California native who went missing in Mexico nearly two months ago was found dead over the weekend, the victim of an apparent homicide, a Mexican state official said Tuesday.The body of Lane Gilbert of Marin County, Californ

south asia world's 'most climate-vulnerable region'

PARIS – South Asia is the world's most climate-vulnerable region, its fast-growing populations badly exposed to flood, drought, storms and sea-level rise, according to a survey of 170 nations published on Wednesday.Of the 16 countries listed

bhutan slowly internet and communication let the world in

THIMPU, Oct 19 - An introduction in Bhutan these days is usually accompanied by I'm on Facebook! Anjali Bista, 11, is no exception. The outgoing Bista has made 71 friends on the social networking site.While that number pales in comparison with th

china tries to dodge darfur bullets report envoys

UNITED NATIONS – China has tried to suppress a U.N report that says Chinese bullets were used in attacks on peacekeepers in Sudan's conflict-torn Darfur region, diplomats said on Tuesday.The U.N Security Council's Sudan sanctions committee wi