DAKAR – The United Nations said Tuesday that 377 people had died in flooding in central and west Africa, with nearly 1.5 million people affected since the start of the rainy season in June. 2010 has seen the largest number of people affected
SANTIAGO, Chile – A Chilean legislative commission is investigating reports that mining operators ignored danger warnings from a man who was later among 33 later trapped when a mine collapsed.Deputy Carlos Vilches, a commission member, said Tu

rick horowitz the stimulus slamming it working it

Call it the Gripe & Grab.Call it the Rip & Reach.Or you can simply call it politics as usual.The problem with taking a principled stand is that a principled stand can box you in.The principled stand isn't always the universally popular stand.There c

roger w. ferguson jr. how will you save america?

My father, a mapmaker for the U.S Army, had modest means but a keen interest in saving and investing.As a child of the Depression, he would have appreciated National Save for Retirement Week, which runs this week and offers everyone the opportunity

chile mine rescue may spur more rescue efforts worldwide

Santiago, Chile – Chile's 33 trapped miners hadn't even been hauled to the surface when a coal mine collapse in Colombia trapped two more workers.Days later, four more miners were trapped underground in Ecuador.And in China, a coal mine explos

madrid conquers milan in battle of former champs

LONDON - Real Madrid passed an early test of its Champions Leaguecredentials under Jose Mourinho by defeating AC Milan, while Chelsea, Arsenaland Bayern Munich also notched up their third successive victories Tuesday toclose in on the knockout phas

cia bomber 'not properly vetted'

A suicide bomber who killed seven CIA agents at a base in Afghanistan in January had not been properly vetted before gaining entry, the CIA says.

kamala d. harris protecting victims of domestic abuse

After years of abuse, Judith finally separated from her husband.In retaliation, he broke into her apartment, wrote obscenities on the walls, tore apart furniture, and smeared excrement all over Judith's belongings.The following week, the property ma

david arquette fights to save calif. climate law

SACRAMENTO, Calif. Actor David Arquette is lending his quirky star power to the campaign against a November ballot measure that would suspend California's greenhouse gas emissions law.Arquette appeared in Sacramento on Tuesday in an American-flag-pr